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Norah Guide Explores the Transit Period Referred to As the Saturn Return

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

If you are interested in the field of astrology and always seeking to learn more, then likely you have come across some terms such as “transit period” or “Saturn return”. You may also hear similar terms such as Solar Return, Jupiter Return, and so on. Or maybe you have received an astrological report and have seen a term like this and are not sure what it means. This is precisely what Norah Guide is going to talk about today, with a focus on the Saturn Return. If you are interested in finding out more about transit periods, more detailed specifics of the Saturn return or any of the other returns for that matter, be sure you are connected with me on Facebook or Twitter or any of the pages on the Norah Guide Social Media Platform and you can get access to this kind of information every single day through these feeds. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Explores the Transit Period Where Uranus Trines Sun

Monday, November 26th, 2012

If you’ve been following Norah Guide’s Daily Astrological Forecast over at Tumblr, or read the free Daily Tarot over at Norah Guide’s Google+ Page, then you know I often use what is happening in the planets today to provide tips and insight on how to manage your day to day affairs in love, money, and other matters. Right now, Uranus is in an interesting trine with the Sun and some fire signs, so many of you are feeling heated and ready to get a move on with some area in your life. What better time then to discuss the astrological effects of the transit period where Uranus trines Sun, just as it is right now. Click to continue »

What IS a Transit Period Anyway?

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Transit of Mercury

With so much talk about being extra careful during your transit periods, it may help to go into further depth on what a transit period actually is.  There is a common misconception that a transit period may only occur once in your lifetime, if at all, and that it generally involves something big or tremendous in terms of influence on your life.  This is not the case.  A transit period is exactly what it sounds like, but in terms of astrology and the planets, refers to the movement of the planets, what movements they are making, and what directions they are going. So, if you have ever heard someone say, “What, is it just my imagination or does it feel like Mercury is in retrograde or something!” , then this person is referring to the discomfort that can be felt at the day to day level when a certain planet is…you got it, in transit.

Depending on what the planet is, and what kind of transit it is working on, will determine its effect in your daily life. But to say it will only happen once in your life is preposterous.  In fact, we know the planets are always moving, at all times. When they make shifts to their movements is what we refer to as a transit period. When  planet is in retrograde for example, we are saying that it is moving backwards.

When a planet is moving through a particular zodiac sign as well, this is also known as a transit period.  You may for example see in your horoscope something like, “Your Moon is in Pisces today, and that may mean a period of creativity for you, but be careful of some moodiness.”  This simply means the transit period of the Moon through Pisces, which can manifest in one’s daily life in creative ways but with a moody undertone.

Because every person’s planetary alignment is different, and every person’s energy patterns are different, transit periods can be different for everybody.  Where it gets confusing and disturbing sometimes lies in the fact that when the planets are moving they are effecting everybody.  For example, when Mercury is in retrograde, or moving backwards, more people will feel it than not.  The tricky part then is figuring out your own personal transit periods in alignment with the ones everybody else is experiencing.

Now you can experience a little more clarity on why relationships and life can be so darn complicated sometimes!  For more clarity on how to better understand your own transit periods in order to gain more control over your own destiny, consider some further work with my Transit Period Guide.