Learning astrology: the Aries Point

Written by selenaw on June 14th, 2012

Astrology lessons: the Aries Point

Once you have learned the astrology ABC’s–the meaning of the planets, signs and houses, as well as the aspects, there are some factors you can add in to deepen your reading of charts.  One of these is the Aries Point, a factor found in the charts of many famous individuals.

The Aries Point is actually not a single point nor is it only in Aries.  This term refers to 0 degrees in any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).  These points coincide with the quarters of the year:  the summer and winter solstices, the spring and fall equinoxes.  Since these points represent key factors in the relationship of the Earth to the Sun, they are highly charged and sensitized.

If someone has a planet or angle in their natal chart conjunct the Aries Point (most astrologers allow a 2 degree orb in defining this), that part of the chart acquires prominence.  The side of the person represented by a planet conjunct the Aries Point (often abbreviated as AP) is projected more strongly in their public image, for better or worse.

People with AP planets or angles

If you have any natal planets or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or Nadir) at 0-2 degrees of cardinal signs, or at 28 degrees or above of the preceding mutable signs, these parts of your chart assume greater significance.  In a way, they may function like the Ascendant, serving as a fulcrum for your perception of who you are.  For instance, someone with Venus conjunct the AP may have a strong drive to create art and beauty.

Planets in these areas of the chart also reveal the potential for public prominence.  Any fame achieved will be largely related to the qualities of that planet.   Examples of famous people with planets conjunct the AP include: Hillary Clinton (Moon at 29 Pisces) as well as Nelson Mandela (Jupiter at 1 Cancer as well as Chiron at 2 Aries).

It is important to be very conscious of how you utilize the energy of a planet conjunct the AP.   A planet at the AP can bring you renown, but negative expressions of that energy can also result in infamy.  Examples of famous people whose Aries Point planets contributed first to their success but later to public disapproval or even disgrace include: O.J. Simpson’s Venus at 1 Cancer; Mel Gibson’s Moon at 0 Libra and Richard Nixon’s Mercury at 0 Capricorn.



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