The 29th degree, or on the cusp

Written by selenaw on June 20th, 2012

Poised between two signs

There was something slightly unusual about yesterday’s New Moon.  Like all New Moons, it involved a conjunction of the Sun and Moon in a particular sign but this one happened just as the sign was about to leave that sign.  The Sun and Moon yesterday were conjunct at 29 degrees Gemini, the final degree of the sign.

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Anarectic degree

The 29th degree of any sign is called the Anarectic Degree. This degree is often considered weakest point in the sign, a sort of watered down version of the sign.  Someone born when the Sun is on an Anarectic degree would be considered “on the cusp” and tend to display less of the traits of that sign (unless they had other planets there) and more traits of the following sign.  When the Moon is in the 29th degree, it is frequently void of course (see our article here for an explanation of this term if you are unfamiliar with it).  In horary astrology, if the planet indicating the querent sits at the 29th degree, it means the question cannot be answered.

Cusps and karma

The people I have known whose natal Suns were at the 29th degree spoke of the experience of being on the cusp as an awareness of being poised on the edge.  One woman described her cuspness as “the astrological equivalent of being bisexual—I can go either way.”  Another man described how he would choose in some situations whether to behave from the Leo or the Virgo side of his nature.

People who have their Sun at the 29th degree of any sign are prone to frequent career changes, perhaps as they go back and forth between the qualities of one zodiac sign and the following one.  They tend to possess a childlike charm and many of them learn early on how to use their appeal to achieve what they want. Some of them continue to live with their parents into adulthood, preferring the old-fashioned extended family living situation to the modern style of living alone.  Some seek out a partner who, like parents, can provide them with a stable home environment so they are free to pursue their interests. Often people who are on the cusp without even being aware of it form friendships with others who share this astrological trait.  However, romantic relationships like this rarely have staying power.

In terms of karma, some astrologers say people born on the cusp are tying up loose ends from a previous lifetime.  They are only partly ready to deal with the energy of the new sign, as they take care of unfinished business from the last incarnation in the old sign.


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