Different types of Astrology

Originated from the Greek word “Astron” which means star and “logos” meaning the study, astrology is the complete study of the movement and effect of stars and other planets over the earthly beings and events. After its origin in 2nd century astrology passed through numerous leaps and bounces, it changed faces during different phases of time and attracted a huge audience every-time. Specialising in the science of studying heavenly bodies, their movements and their effect on humans, astrologers developed different theories in ways they studied stars.

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Human nature, physical traits or fate in this case is forecasted based on the position of stars and planets at the time of an individual’s birth broadly divided into Astrological signs or twelve sun-signs such as the leo, pieces, cancer, virgo and more.

Though every astrologer all over the world predict future by reading stars and their movements, different scholars do it differently; which is why they are known by different names.

Hindu or Vedic Astrology: Also known as Jyotish, this study is based upon a fixed zodiac, determined by taking a birth time based on positions computed according to a Geocentric Ephemeris. Written in Sanskrit this science divides birth signs into twelve major categories such as Simha, Mesham, Tulam, Kanya and more. This study emphasises on the intersection of Moon’s orbit and the earth’s orbit, the intersecting points termed as North Node (Rahu) and the South Node (Ketu) and their effect on humans.

Western Astrology: Also called as the sun-sign astrology is based on the Babylonian traditions and is basically an astrological document called the horoscope created particularly for an individual or an instance as per his or her date of birth broadly divided into 13 or 14 zodiac signs.

Chinese Astrology: Called the Sheng Xiao in Chinese, this type is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, a twelve year cycle, each depicted by different animal sign. These animal signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Aztec Astrology: Uses 20-day signs each ruled by Gods and goddesses to predict a human’s nature or natural events based on one of the ancient Mesoamerican calendar called the Aztec calendar.

Karmic Astrology: Studies the personal karma of an individual through one’s birth chart and reveals his present and past life. Based on one’s karma and reincarnation the purpose of an individual’s life, who will be your soul-mate, soul-mate’s characteristics and how and when will you meet can all be forecasted through this study of Lunar nodes and other related planets.

Mayan Astrology: This astrology type describes the way of forecasting future particularly in the Maya communities of Guatemala and southern Mexico. A completely different calendar with 260 days divided among 20 sun-signs is followed to forecast individual nature or event.

Different regions have different ways to predict what lies in individual’s fate, but to believe it or not, is totally an individual’s choice.

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