Norah Guide Discusses the Meaning of Saturn in Scorpio

Written by admin on May 17th, 2013


Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying your May. If you have been following my Tumblr blog then you have heard me say frequently lately that Saturn has been creating some problems in the skies when it comes to your daily astrological forecast. There is a very solid reason for this, this is no accident. This is because Saturn is currently in Scorpio, and this is a transit period for Saturn that will last until 2015. As such, this serious and sometimes brooding planet can create some intense change, especially when it is in Scorpio. So what does this mean for you? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

When deep and brooding Saturn is in intuitive and intense Scorpio, you can expect some serious psychological and psychic work to unfold. This is a time period where your life can take on a complete metamorphosis if you want it to. Some people associate Saturn with the intensity of death, I prefer to consider it the intensity that comes with transformation. We don’t always like the change that happens in our lives, but it is often necessary.

Scorpio itself is connected with the 13th Major Arcana card in the Tarot which is just that, the card of Death, however this is not the death that you find with brooding Pluto. This is a transformation, an out with the old and an in with the new in the most literal and intense way imagined. But this kind of death is a teacher, a spiritual master of sorts that will show us how important it is to live in the moment and in the brevity and shortness of life to make the changes we need to in order to truly grow, and become enlightened. It is these experiences that also make Scorpio perhaps the most psychic sign of the zodiac, so know that while Saturn is in Scorpio this energy is available to you as well.

Because Scorpio is a fixed water sign, all of your stubborn tendencies are vulnerable during this period. You will want to become obsessive, possessive, and jealous, and may even experience control issues. Saturn instructs us to get to the bottom of these issues, it is fear that is keeping you so obsessive. Learn what those fears are and do what you can to absolve them otherwise you are going to spend this time one very unhappy camper.

Don’t get me wrong. I know facing those fears is not as easy as just saying that you are going to do so. But when the emotional courage is summoned and you delve into the fearful and unknown, most of the time you find out that not only is it not as bad as you thought it would be, it is even great. Anyone that has ever experienced the terror of having to say “I love you” to someone for the first time knows that this terror is almost always followed by sheer joy. Who doesn’t want to hear that? But it is a very hard thing to say. This is just one example. Saturn in Scorpio instructs us to acknowledge those fears, honor them because it is human to have them. And then to let them go to manifest miracles in your life. Until next time friends, love and be loved. Love, Norah


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