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Norah Guide Explains Mercury Trine Neptune…for Lovers

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Happy June my friends I hope you all are enjoying this delicious season wherever you are in the world! This is the time of year when the weather forecasts are always impeccable, no? And your astrological forecasts have not been disappointing lately either if I do say so myself. If you follow my Tumblr blog then you already are accessing my daily astrological forecast, and if not, please do join us! Lately you may have heard me talk about the powerful effects of trines with the dreamy and intuitive planet of Neptune. What does this mean? Lately the most significant has been a Mercury trine Neptune, and this can be a very powerful aspect for those that need a boost in their romantic affairs. How? Let’s find out. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses the June 2013 Astrological Forecast

Friday, May 31st, 2013


Hello folks, I hope you are enjoying a lovely May! As we move out of the month of May we look ahead to our June forecast. If you follow my Tumblr blog then you will already have access to my daily astrological forecast and know how I roll from the day to day end of things. Today we will take a sneak peek at what is ahead for the month of June. So let’s get to it! Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses Uranus and Pluto

Friday, May 24th, 2013


If you follow my Tumblr blog then lately you may have heard me discuss the day to day effects of a transit period that is currently creating some intensity. This transit period is one that is going to last for some time, but lately the effects have been magnified simply by what is going on in the sky. So today I thought we would look at this particular aspect a little bit closer. What aspect is that? That would be the aspect where Uranus and Pluto get a little frisky with each other. Why is this such an intense aspect? Well, we have the planet of giftedness, genius, and unconventionality (Uranus) mixing with the planet of death and transformation (Pluto). What does that mean for you in English? Let’s get to it. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses the Meaning of Saturn in Scorpio

Friday, May 17th, 2013


Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying your May. If you have been following my Tumblr blog then you have heard me say frequently lately that Saturn has been creating some problems in the skies when it comes to your daily astrological forecast. There is a very solid reason for this, this is no accident. This is because Saturn is currently in Scorpio, and this is a transit period for Saturn that will last until 2015. As such, this serious and sometimes brooding planet can create some intense change, especially when it is in Scorpio. So what does this mean for you? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses the Importance of Rising Sign Compatibility

Friday, May 10th, 2013


Hello friends, I hope that you enjoyed our discussion of the Rising Signs. Knowing what your rising sign is, or your ascendant sign, or your partners can be very helpful in understanding your own astrological profile, or your partner’s. But there is a little bit of a caution to this and this is what I am going to talk about today. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Aquarius Rising

Friday, April 26th, 2013


I hope you all have been enjoying the blog series on the Rising Signs. It’s always nice to learn more about ourselves, and all that the Sun has to offer in this little segment of our personality. Have you learned more about yourself yet? If not, please drop me a line at About Me, Facebook, or Twitter and I will be happy to help you better understand your Rising Sign. Or maybe I just haven’t covered yours yet? After this week we will only have one more week to go, so let’s see if yours has yet to be covered. Today we are looking at Aquarius Rising. If your Ascendant Sign is this powerful Air Sign, here’s more about your exciting personality profile. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Virgo Rising

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

I hope that you have been enjoying your time with the Ascendant Signs! This is a remarkable discovery towards your inner self and your path of enlightenment. It also serves as a useful tool for those that are seeking to learn more about their partner. What is their rising sign? How did the Sun shine on you on your birthday? If the Sun rose in Virgo at the time you were born, then there are wonderful things in store for you during your life. What does Virgo Rising mean? Let’s find out! Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Aries Rising

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

We continue our blog discussion series of the Ascendant signs by starting at the top of the zodiac and moving through it. Today is our first examination of an Ascendant sign in detail, and so we look at the Aries Rising sign. If you or your primary partner has Aries Rising, knowing this information will give you a lot of clarity and direction in understanding yourself better, or your partner. Remember our Ascendant Sign is the sun that is projected onto the world, where the Sun was rising on the day you were born. If you are an Aries Rising, you are definitely a leader in every way. What else do we know about the Aries Rising? Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses The Transit Period of the Neptune Return

Monday, January 7th, 2013

We’ve been discussing some of the transit periods on this blog, and today we will turn our attention to another transit period, the Neptune Return. So many people wonder why they might have a transit period guide from one astrologer or another that looks similar to another transit period guide, or information on a transit period. The reason for this is because we are often all in the same transit periods as each other, as our transit period guides will show us where the planets are at a certain time in our life. Well, the planets are in the same place for everyone today, and so they will be as well in your transit period guides. When a planet completes a transit, or starts a new one, it is called a transit period, and there are other minor transits that may happen with your individual chart. Some planets take longer to complete a full orbit, others not that long. Neptune takes 165 years to complete a full orbit, so you won’t see a full Neptune transit in your life time. But knowing what is happening when it completes an orbit, as it did in 2010, can be very helpful. You can get information on what Neptune is up to in its transits on my daily astrological forecast on Tumblr if this topic is of interest to you. Click to continue »

Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of Jupiter in Retrograde

Monday, December 31st, 2012

If you follow my Tumblr blog of Pinterest board to see my daily astrological forecast, you may have heard me mention on occasion the occasional effect of Jupiter in Retrograde we might see in the forecast on a day to day basis. If you don’t, it’s never too late to join our circle of friends and find out what the stars have in store for you day to day at no cost to you. Right now however, and since October 2012 we have been experiencing the effects of Jupiter in retrograde. What does this mean? Well that’s exactly what Norah Guide is going to talk about today. Click to continue »