Norah Guide Discusses The Significance of the Ascendant Sign: Sagittarius Rising

Written by admin on March 20th, 2013

We near the last third of the zodiac houses, and this brings us to the Sagittarius Rising section of our Ascendant Sign discussion series. We have many other series going on right now to complement this one, particularly if you are using astrology in your primary love relationships. Make sure you are connected to my About Me page to make sure you don’t miss a single blog series. But here today we are going to look at the magic that makes up a Sagittarius Rising. Let’s get to it.

For those who have the Sagitarrius Ascendant, they will be individuals that are enthusiastic and eager to explore the world. It is hard to keep these folks sitting still for too long, these are the global travelers of the world. They are very direct, blunt to the point of rude almost sometimes, but they definitely have a lot to offer. Their fiery insights are clever and optimistic and they are overall fun people to be around.

They will have their opinions though and you won’t be able to sway them too far from them. They don’t have a problem coming out right with them either, even when, sometimes especially when those opinions are controversial. They are very confident with a fantastic sense of humor and they carry a light hearted nature everywhere they go.

Because they can’t sit still for too long, this applies to all areas of their life, even love. They try to stay away from commitment and if you love a Sag you sort of have to be understanding of this from the get go or you may wind up very frustrated. They bore easily so just make sure you are finding new ways to show your love and their commitment to you won’t shake.

This fire sign is also naturally curious. They would do well in a career that involves traveling, and they are frequently pursuing philosophy and spirituality. They are very generous when they have luxuries in their life as they just want to have fun with what they work so hard for. Overall Sagittarius Rising is easy to love for this, and for all of their qualities. When we remember that they just want to be loved just like any of us, it is easier to remember how exciting and passionate they make life around us.

That’s it for Sagittarius rising folks, next week we will look at Capricorn Rising. Until then make sure you are enjoying the advantages of Reader’s Appreciation Month with Norah Guide. You can find out more about that over on my About Me page or on Pinterest. Until then, have a grand one folks. Love, Norah guide.


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