Norah Guide Helps You To Understand “The Houses” in Astrology: Houses 7-9

Written by admin on November 12th, 2012

We’ve been talking about “The Houses” in astrology over the last week or so, and today we will continue our discussion of that. As we move further into the houses, we realize that the further we go, the deeper we go into our inner Selves. That’s exactly what Houses 7 through 9 show us. Remember Norah Guide’s advice, no matter what aspects show up in our chart or in astrology, you always have the free will to change your destiny. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Seventh House

The 7th house pertains to all things in your relationships. This is not regarding your intimate relationships, we will save that one for the 8th house. This one rules your relationships with people in general, and is ruled by our ever loving Libra who just wants everybody to get along. You can find some committed relationships here, as well as relationships involving contracts or legal matters. Think unconventionally with this one as well though, your best friend relationships will be found here also. We also find the people that really don’t like us at all in this house, and these are the kind of people that no matter how hard we try, they just aren’t going to like us at all. The 7th house shows us who we can commit to, and who we can’t, but overall the more balanced and nice we are, the easier our relationships will be. Traits from your first house will also play out in this house. For example, if you repress certain tendencies, this will show up in your relationships with other people. Because the 7th house is ruled by Libra, any other planets that show up in your chart in this house will embody an underlying Libra quality. Balance of power issues are usually seen in this house, remember that word, balance.

The Eighth House

Ruled by Scorpio, the eighth house is going to hold all things sexually intimate, mysterious, and deep. The eighth house is also associated with meeting your soul mate and can also be a house where your biggest life changes are going to occur. The planets that fall in this house are going to be transformed in an intense way, that’s just how Scorpio rolls. Other issues that show up in this house occur when major life changes happen, such as death. So you will see inheritances, or other people’s money in this house. For example, if you are going to marry rich, you will see that here. Mystical issues such as the occult, spirituality, secrets, and magic are also part of this house, once again, more Scorpio traits coming in. Expect to see extreme changes in your life regarding the planets that fall into this house. Scorpio likes control too, so these issues will be relevant to power and control issues as well.

The Ninth House

The ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius, and this house involves all things related to your mind. Your education, quest for learning, life philosophies, religion, spiritual experiences, and general belief systems thus are all found here. Sagittarius does not like to stay still however, so you will also find any matters relating to travel, vacations, and foreign people and places in this house as well. You may also see a love for the outdoors in this house as well for the same reason. The ninth house is your area of publishing as well, so writers will have a strong ninth house also. Overall this house can also represent your need or desire for freedom, and your underlying moral code. Any planets that fall into this house will have underlying Sagittarius qualities.


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