Norah Guide Discusses The Softer Aspects: Sextiles and Trines

Written by admin on December 27th, 2012

We began discussing the harder aspects in a previous blog, opposites, conjunctions, and squares. Today we are going to cover the softer aspects. If you follow my Tumblr blog, then you may hear me discuss what the planets are doing on a particular day, and how this will affect your day to day lives in my daily astrological forecast. You can also catch these forecasts if you follow me on Pinterest as well. I might say something like Neptune and Jupiter are in a conjunction, or the Moon is forming a sweet trine with Saturn, or something of the like. Today I will explain the softer aspects of these terms so that you can see for yourself what it means when a planet forms a sextile or a trine with another planet. The aspects I previously discussed, squares, oppositions, and conjunctions, are the harder aspects. This means the changes that they create will be more difficult to manage. When you see a softer aspect in the daily forecast, this is good news. Let’s dive in and look at this today. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Discusses Conjunctions, Squares, and Opposites, Oh My!

Written by admin on December 18th, 2012

If you have been receiving astrological reports or transit period guides through myself or Premium Astrology, then you have heard some terms that may not mean much to you when reading them. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and I assure you they are nothing less than exceptional when it comes to answering these questions. But, in the meantime, let me help you clarify some of these questions. There are terms in astrology that determine the location of the planets, and what they are doing at the time, and how they are relating to each other. Just like terms you use when relating with other people. When you “square off” with someone, it’s not often a good feeling. When your life is parallel with someone, it can seem kind of neat. The planets are no different. Today we are going to cover some of these terms, and we will manage the not so nice ones first, just to rip that bandaid off. Now, whenever you read my daily astrology forecast on Tumblr, you will know what I mean when I say a planet is in conjunction with another, is opposite another, or is square to another. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Discusses the Significance of the Jupiter Return

Written by admin on December 13th, 2012

I’ve been discussing the significance of different returns in your birth chart or natal chart, and they are helpful in your solar return chart as well. You have likely heard the happy birthday expression, “Many happy returns!” This is an age old term that goes back to the planetary returns. Every year, on your birthday, the Sun returns back to the position it was in on the day you were born. Thus, when you wish someone many happy returns, you are wishing them that the Sun will continue to return to this position for them many more times in their life. Not many people understand where that expression comes from, but now you know as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. On that one at least. I have discussed the significance of other outer planet returns on this blog, such as the importance of the Saturn return and the Uranus Return. Today Norah Guide is going to discuss the notion of the Jupiter Return, one of my favorites. Let’s dive in! Click to continue »


Norah Guide Discusses the Transit Period of the Uranus Return

Written by admin on December 7th, 2012

We’ve been discussing transit periods on this blog, and they are important to consider in your natal chart or solar return chart, as they assist us in forecasting trends or future events in someone’s life. As the name implies, an astrological transit involves the interpretation of how the planets move, or transit through the zodiac on an individual’s chart. The sign, the houses, and the aspects (angles) the planets make are all significant elements to consider when interpreting someone’s transit period. One of the most significant transit periods in a person’s chart occurs during the period known as the planetary return. A solar return occurs every year when the sun returns to someone’s zodiac sign, on their birthday. When a planet has completed an entire circuit, this signifies a new life cycle for the individual. Each planet has their own timeline. The sun returns once a year, Saturn returns every 30 years, Jupiter every 12, and Uranus, every 84 years. Today we will discuss this significant transit period known as the Uranus Return. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Explores The Astrology of Relationship Compatibility

Written by admin on December 4th, 2012

One of the most common questions that Norah Guide and other astrologers get when they are requested a reading is the all important question of love. Have I married the right person? Am I dating someone that is astrologically compatible with me? What is the best “sign” for me to fall in love with? And the list goes on. You likely have your own personal question in matters of the heart, and this is precisely why Norah Guide is exploring the topic of astrological relationship compatibility today. Let’s dive in.
There are many aspects to this question, and there are so many in fact that an entire study called “Synastry” has been developed to study this process. Synastry is considered the art of relationship compatibility in astrology today, and is a fascinating element of the study of how we Earthlings interact in romantic matters. Many people often look to see if their Sun signs are compatible. While this is a great first start, it is not the whole equation in the art of romance. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Explores the Transit Period Referred to As the Saturn Return

Written by admin on November 29th, 2012

If you are interested in the field of astrology and always seeking to learn more, then likely you have come across some terms such as “transit period” or “Saturn return”. You may also hear similar terms such as Solar Return, Jupiter Return, and so on. Or maybe you have received an astrological report and have seen a term like this and are not sure what it means. This is precisely what Norah Guide is going to talk about today, with a focus on the Saturn Return. If you are interested in finding out more about transit periods, more detailed specifics of the Saturn return or any of the other returns for that matter, be sure you are connected with me on Facebook or Twitter or any of the pages on the Norah Guide Social Media Platform and you can get access to this kind of information every single day through these feeds. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Explores the Transit Period Where Uranus Trines Sun

Written by admin on November 26th, 2012

If you’ve been following Norah Guide’s Daily Astrological Forecast over at Tumblr, or read the free Daily Tarot over at Norah Guide’s Google+ Page, then you know I often use what is happening in the planets today to provide tips and insight on how to manage your day to day affairs in love, money, and other matters. Right now, Uranus is in an interesting trine with the Sun and some fire signs, so many of you are feeling heated and ready to get a move on with some area in your life. What better time then to discuss the astrological effects of the transit period where Uranus trines Sun, just as it is right now. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Discusses the Astrological Significance of Saturn in Scorpio

Written by admin on November 21st, 2012

When it comes to the planets, knowing what it means where they fall in our charts is especially useful. But most of the time when we see this information we are only given the information for our zodiac for the time and date that we were born. As useful as this is, the reality is that the planets are moving ALL the time, and so knowing where they are on a particular day or month or year is also very helpful as we go through life. So, it is especially important not just to have your natal charts done, but your solar return charts as well. And in some planetary cases, the planet events affect everyone at the same time. You can find out more information on this on a day to day basis through my daily astrological forecast, but today, we are going to cover a transit period that we are currently in that is affecting everybody equally. This transit period is the period where Saturn transits Scorpio. Saturn takes 28 to 29 years to make its full transit, and spends approximately 2.5 years in every sign. This means the effects of Saturn in a certain sign can be felt for 2.5 years. Where Saturn was on your birth chart may not be relevant to where Saturn is today for you. So let’s talk about this current transit period for Saturn today. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Discusses the Astrological Significance of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Written by admin on November 19th, 2012

We recently experienced a solar eclipse on November 13th at 5:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. This is cosmic energy that will play out for the next six months or so, so while it is important to know how this energy effects us on the day that it occurs, you also will want to know how this energy will manifest in your daily life for this next six month period. You can catch the daily astrology forecast by Norah Guide over on my Tumblr blog for detailed information on how the eclipse and other cosmic events will play out from day to day. This was a solar eclipse in Scorpio, and so Scorpio effects will be seen in your life for the next little while. Issues pertaining to money, intimacy, control, jealousy, and inner psychic abilities will be enhanced or intensified over this next little while. Click to continue »


Norah Guide Helps You To Understand The Houses in Astrology: Houses 10-12

Written by admin on November 15th, 2012

We’ve been discussing how to better understand the houses in astrology, and today we will close the final chapter on this one.  Whereas the signs in astrology will help us to uncover specific matters related to our personalities and sense of Self, what the houses in astrology do is help us to understand specific parts of our daily life. These are practical matters like finances, relationships, career goals, and even specific legal matters. So we learn about our personality through our planets and signs, we learn about what is or will happen in our reality through what is going on in the houses in our chart. Today, Norah Guide helps you understand the tenth through the twelfth houses.

The Tenth House

The 10th house is ruled by Capricorn, and thus any planets that fall in this house will have an underlying Capricorn quality to them. Essentially this is your career house, and any specifics to your career life will fall into this house. You will also find matters pertaining to your reputation, achievements, and fame fall into this house.  Because this house deals with career, you may also find matters relating to how you handle or deal with authority figures in your life in this house. Or, you may find out if you will be the boss or authority figure one day in your life.  Someone with a strong tenth house like President Obama will also have politics in this house, as this house also reveals how you are perceived in the public eye and in government affairs.  This is a very masculine house as well, with many astrologers believing this house represents the father figure.  From a higher purpose standpoint, this house also relates to taking responsibility, and resolving any past karmic matters.

The Eleventh House

The 11th house is ruled by Aquarius, and rules over all of your friendships and acquaintances. Thus, any planets that fall into this house are going to have an underlying Aquarius style to them.  This is not the house for your best friends, but rather the other people you meet and greet throughout your life.  Even so however, karmic balance is found in this house, so you will see deep relationships here, just not as deep as your soul mate connections.  As well, the eleventh house is about your personal hopes and dreams regarding the people in your life. If you associate with groups, you will also have a strong eleventh house.  People that are humanitarians, or belong to social organizations will have a strong eleventh house. At the same time, this is a house of inventions and creative ideas, and is a very intellectual house indeed.  Leaders are found in this house, as are people who can be referred to as the type that march to their own drummer.  Things that happen unexpectedly also occur in this house. If you are one of those people that always seems to have weird things happen to you, or you just feel different than most others, you likely have a strong 11th house.

The Twelfth House

The zodiac sign Pisces is the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, and it is this sign that rules the 12th house.  Thus, all things that are hidden from normal viewpoints are found in this house.  As well, anything that would remove you from society, like a prison or a hospital, would be found in this house too.  If you are the kind of person that isolates yourself from the realities of the world regularly, you will have a strong 12th house.  The converse side of this is that if you will have a life full of deception, you will also have a strong 12th house. The planets that are found in this house are issues that the person does not have a clear view of, or simply doesn’t want a clear view of. Reality is blurred for these folks, and thus addiction and self destructive habits can definitely be found here as well.  On the upside, deeply spiritual people also have a strong twelfth house. Anyone on the path to enlightenment will have a strong 12th house, or those that are spiritually inspired. Generally speaking then, those that are not directly involved with pragmatic realities of every day life on this plane will not have a strong twelfth house then, and vice versa.  You will also see psychic channeling, and the influence of your past lives here.